TodaysToday’s Favorite Videos #3…A little something for everyone…[Video-Direct Links] ~NSFW~

Today we have three videos that I really love, I have watched them many times…and I think you will enjoy them as well.

If you see a video that I have posted before somewhere else, either it’s because it’s a re-post or as I am aggregating all my favorite musical moments, they are posted here because this is where I want all these videos to be linked from or embedded. I need to add them all here in the Archive Night Playlist Page or over at the main Day Page, to whichever feed most accurately applies.

First up…The Ramones Live…I have two favorite sets by them on video and this is one of them. The audience is quite tame…I think what is going on is shock and awe. Anyway beat on the brat…Lobotomy!
00:09 – Rockaway Beach – 02:08 – Teenage Lobotomy – 04:14 – Blitzkrieg Bop – 06:21 – I Don’t Want You – 08:51 – Go Mental – 10:57 – Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment – 12:31 – You’re Gonna Kill That Girl – 15:22 – Don’t Come Close – 17:29 – I Don’t Care – 19:03 – She’s The One – 21:04 – Sheena is a Punk Rocker – 23:20 – Havana Affair – 24:55 – Commando – 27:00 – Needles and Pins – 29:30 – Surfin’ Bird – 32:00 – Cretin Hop – 33:41 – Listen To My Heart – 35:16 – California Sun – 36:59 – I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You – 38:21 – Pinhead – 41:56 – Do You Wanna Dance? – 43:32 – Judy Is A Punk – 44:45 – Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World – 47:53 – Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue – 49:15 – We’re A Happy Family –



Tomorrow we have some great Electronic up from James Zabiela (There is a teaser short video below the justice to see what you have to look forward to) so again please check back Tomorrow!

Next up we have one of my favorite sets from DJ’s that have been accused of playing music “Unplugged”…regardless of that this set is on fire and shows just how amazing Justice is in the studio at producing music. I think they may have already passed their peak, I hope I am wrong on that….but this is an example of a “Heavy Metal Electronic Set”. Enjoy and bang that head. Justice Live!

James Zabiela Teaser for tomorrow! Rocking it hard!

Finally, last but not least one of my favorite Neil Young Sets. Such an intimate setting, when you watch Neil you can see how much a rebel he was at the time while at the same time being quite impressionable and vulnerable. This will chill you out for sure!

Hope you enjoy and a big thank you for visiting!

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