Todays Favorite Videos #2…A little something for everyone…[Video-Direct Links]

Today I got three videos that I have watched a lot…as I say something for every one. First up some amazing reggae from the king. My goodness was he wonderful! Second a Live Electronic set which I can easily say it was my favorite from last year. So far I do not have a favorite for 2014 but I will keep looking…one usually pops up during the summer months, so stay tuned for that. Last but not least “The” best live gig from one of my favorite metal bands of all time. Remember that I have declared this a “No Cheese” zone, so what you get is Christmachine tested and approved. If you have any videos / mixes (whatever) from any bands or DJ’s you would like see posted here let me know via email in the “Contact” Section.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Live


Chris Liebing – Live @ Cocoon Amnesia Ibiza 2013 (Sorry You have to go off site for this one but it will be worth it…the site is safe.

Video Direct Link:


You can download the Set Audio from Soundcloud at this link:


Last but not least Iron Maiden Live – Best Show from them I have ever seen in person and on Video. Rock it!


Hope you enjoy and a big thank you for visiting!

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