Todays Favorite Videos #12…A little something for everyone…[Video-Direct Links] ~NSFW~

Today we have a few videos for your enjoyment. I watch every video in full and pick out the artist at their best (Sometimes Recent Videos will be used if Continue Reading →

NAMM 2014: Marty Friedman live at Boss/Roland Part 1 | GEAR & Guitar Gods…[Video]

This recent video from NAMM is so amazing…this track is from Marty’s 2006 solo album “Loudspeaker” titled “Devil Take tomorrow”. Enjoy….Marty’s new solo album “Inferno” is out next month/ May Continue Reading →

Christmachine Audio Reference Music Server Playlist #2

Playlist #2 …I always listen to full albums (except electronic trax) 04/12/14 This Post is for Jules …sheeeaaat! The Knife – Silent Shout (2006) (Original US 2xLP Pressing) (Mute 9326-1) Continue Reading →