2, Well Really 4, Excellent New Electronic Sets…

I listened to a lot of mixes this week and I chose five of the best. The first by Wuki – The Bootytech Mix, is in a previous thread from the other day. The other four I will present to you now.

The first is a bouncing peace of House, Specifically from Lifelike – With the French Touche Mixtape. It’s a party in itself best listened during the beginning or middle of the Day or night. I guarantee it’s a lot of fun. The Second Mix is more aggressive but as always Chrismachine “Tried & Tested “, and best served later in the day or night. That is unless you like to wake up to techno, like I do. A rhythmic Techno masterpiece that winds through through Adam Beyer’s Drum Code Radio Show #195 with guest DJ and Techno Musician Chris Liebing – DCR #195, live from Awakenings, Eindhoven, NL. Chris also lets us hear some new music he has coming for the summer that is not even released yet~

The third and fourth sets were unable to be embedded so I will give you the links below the two that are.


1. LIFELIKE – Mixtape – “French Touch Vol.II”(May014)


2. DCR195 – Drumcode Radio Live – Chris Liebing live from Awakenings, Eindhoven, NL


The third and fourth are: One, a Live Video Set From 2012 from Collette live from the Beatport studios…and if you don’t know she does something special, that is sing live while mixing.

Colette Beatport Live:


The fourth is one of the best hyperdub sets I’ve heard in a while from Astro Zu. It is dark, atmospheric, ethereal, and foreboding piece of genius- piecing together some of the best emotional music around. If you have not experienced hyperdub as of yet try it out and give it a chance…you will be seriously be awarded for the patience.

From the Dancing Astronaut, I present The Radar Episode 005: Mixed by Astro Zu:



I hope you got a little taste of everything in this post and we appreciate your listening.

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