Todays Favorite Videos #1…A little something for everyone…~NSFW~[Video-Direct Links]

Today I am going to give you another edition of a little something for everyone +1. A mix of genres and artists (Live Sets) to suit most tastes. A little Norah Jones to chill, Priest to Rock Out, Tool to Shoegaze, and last but not least Eric Prydz & Adam Beyer to boogie!I have more to say on these videos in an update at some point as well but enjoy as you get ready for the weekend. XD

Norah Jones – live in Amsterdam 2007 [Pro Shot]

Judas Priest – Live @ US Fest 1983 (2 Parts) ~ The first video is the opening track which was cut from the second Main Video…
Part 1

Part 2

Tool – Live in Portland, Maine 2001 ~ This Show was just after 9/*11

Eric Prydz & Adam Beyer – Live @ Exit Fest 2009

Happy listening and a excellent weekend!.

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