Three Out Of Four Of The Most Memorable Sets At Woodstock94~NSFW~[Video-Direct Link]

I went to Woodstock 94 in Saugerties with a few friends, we decided that even though we tumblr_lyrznyvnpm1r8xvcvo1_1280crphad not prepared to go that we should just get in the back of a pickup truck and drive up there in the pouring rain. Yes, you heard me right the back of a pickup truck with no cover…first of all you could not do that anymore, imagine six people in the back with guitars and camping equipment driving on the major interstates today…the police would pull you over in a second. So anyway as a spur of the moment thing we went up there, no tickets, food, or clothing fit for the weather. When we got there…I don’t remember much except seeing the bands play, and I guess that is the point but I can only remember one friend that went with us, the other five and the driver…no idea. Yeah and the no ticket “thing”, well the fences were all knocked down when we got there so we just walked in free concert. That’s the way it was then…just go with the flow. I remember a lot of great bands but there were three or four that made the weekend extra special

I have only been able to find the three out of the four best sets that I saw there, the one missing is Bob Dylan. I had seen Dylan twice before that and was not that impressed because he often looked whacked out on substances and just talked to himself during sets. Anyway Dylan was amazing that night and to my surprise Peter Gabriel was awful. So surprise was the theme of the weekend. Green Day was interesting, although I had seen them once before in a club, I was not impressed, but on this day it was magic and I was a witness to history…the great mud fight. Yes mud was thrown around all weekend and Les Claypool got pissed at us all for it but not Green Day…they joined in. Just watch and make sure you see the whole thing, that is how the set devolves into a beautiful disaster.

Next there was Porno for Pyros…excellent show, I’d seen Jane’s a few times but this was more chill and at the same time weird as a Perry show always is. Pets is the video you’ve seen all over the web…but the full set gets better and better the longer you watch. The crowd was giving them a hard time they wanted Jane’s music…ridiculous I know but I believe Porno for Pyros was a very under-rated band…Stephan Perkins on drums was crazy good.

Finally the Allman Brothers band…do I need to say how good they were. The great lineup of Haynes, Betts, Woody, Trucks, Allman, & Jaimoe. Just watch…I don’t know how long these full sets will be up for on the tube but you can see them now…and if they disappear I’ll look for other sources. Also the video quality is low as it is from VHS Rip from Pay Per View at the time…but in order to see the full sets uncut that’s all that’s out there. MTV did broadcast these sets but not in their entirety cutting away from one stage to the next…therefore you do not get the entire set uninterrupted. Anyway enjoy!

Green Day: Sound is Poor for about ten minutes but it eventually comes back…

Porno For Pyros:

Allman Brothers Band:

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