The Greatest Moments in Rock and Roll History Series #3 – Jimmy Hendrix plays Monterey…[Video]

The greatest moments in Rock history continues today with another addition lauded as Hendrix’s best show ever recorded to video. Woodstock is another and they both not only hold genius but are bookmarks to Rock History. In Monterey Jimi was just returning from the UK and it was his first performance on US soil since attaining worldwide acclaim. It’s quite sad that Jimi had to go to the UK to finally get noticed…they actually made our countryman famous. The Monterey Festival in 1967 is also considered to be the start of the counter-cultural movement. The aforementioned idea of these two shows being bookmarks to history culminates in his August 1969 Woodstock performance, which many consider to be the end of the movement. In reality the “real end” was The Rolling Stones free show in December 1969 at Altamont in the early 70’s.

Keep in mind that this was Jimi’s first entrance back into the US and a lot was riding on it but there is no question fate definitely was a speeding train that could not be stopped. One last thing that is important about this show is that people did not know what to expect nor that they would be a witness to history…but as you watch look at the faces of the people in the crowd, there is fear, astonishment, and well more fear. A few look as if they don’t know whether to run for the doors because they are witnessing the apocalypse. It is also worth noting that Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Mama Cass, and Michelle Phillips sitting a few rows back in the audience.

Enjoy one of the best shows in all history….One song was cut from the video… “Purple Haze” which was used as promotion for the video [Edit Admin: “Purple Haze” is used to close out the video as they only show part of it]. Also it takes a bit for the video to start…so hang in there, if you have never seen the full set watch it, I guarantee your head will separate from your body, clean off!

I had to link offsite because if I embed it here it could not be viewed (I think there may be regional viewing rights restrictions.”). The offsite popup when you click the link is safe and just goes to the video page.



Killing Floor                                   e                   1234
Foxy Lady                                       e                   1234
Like a Rolling Stone                            e                   1234
Rock Me Baby                                    e                   1234
Hey Joe                                         e                   1234
Can You See Me                                  e                   1234
The Wind Cries Mary                             e                   1234
Purple Haze                                     e                   1234
Wild Thing                                      e                   1234

To get the video to play once it loads, just push the time slider just a touch and the video will start. Checked 05/07/14.


RIP Jimi… you blew our minds and changed the world forever!

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